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Our Team

  • Sanjay PatelManaging Partner

  • Rupal PatelManaging Partner

  • Tim LiuAdvisor

  • Jonathan StoweFounder-in-Residence

  • Randy S. WeinbergAdvisor


Rupal Patel is a managing partner at Perpetuating Ventures. She is also a Director of Projects at Perpetuating, a software development and services firm. Previously Rupal assisted Fortune 500 companies with their finance transformation needs in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Advisory Services department. She holds a BA from Boston University and will earn her MBA from the University of Chicago in 2012.

Sanjay Patel is a managing partner of Perpetuating Ventures. He is also the Founder of Perpetuating, a software development and services firm. Since founding the firm in 2001, he has served as an advisor to senior executives on their digital online and mobile strategies. Before starting Perpetuating, Sanjay led the inception of Pyxis' mobility group. Later in his career, he started PSTPL in India and has participated in several projects within the emerging markets, including process definition and training for a significant number of Cisco India employees on best practices in software and quality. He has also served as an advisor to QPS, a leading Project Management and Business Improvement training organization in 7 states. Sanjay has served on the board of the American Society for Quality and is also a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Sanjay received a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Business from Carnegie Mellon. He was elected to the Alumni Advisory board as part of the Board of Trustees and serves in the Information Systems Advisory team. Serving as a director for Carnegie Mellon, he has been an active planner for increasing partnerships to provide startups with technical talent as well as inspiring students to start their own business.

Tim Liu is an advisor at Perpetuating Ventures. He brings more than 25 years of experience and excels in digital strategies, user experience design, product management, and product marketing. His career has included serving in senior marketing management roles and as an advisor to start-up technology companies, five of the largest software companies, and several Fortune 1000 companies. Tim is currently a Director at Perpetuating, a software development and services firm. Most recently, he was a partner at a software market research firm. Previously, he has led marketing and product management at an online educational company, an Internet software media start-up, and several global industry business units at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Information Systems and has served on several of the University's alumni boards.

Randy S. Weinberg is a Teaching Professor in Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the faculty director of the undergraduate Information Systems bachelor's degree program at both the CMU-Pittsburgh and CMU-Qatar campuses. His professional interests include global project management, Information Systems education, software development methodologies, and Information Technology and Sustainability. Prior to entering the academic world in the late 80's, he was employed in operating systems development and management consulting for 13 years. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Minnesota.

Jonathan Stowe is the Co-Founder of Floa Corporation, a Perpetuating Ventures company and COO of Teachscape, Inc., a late stage education start-up. Both companies are based in San Francisco. Prior to this, Jon served in senior executive roles at Pearson Education and Cengage Learning. In addition, he worked at McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, and John Wiley and Sons in product and technology roles. He also served as CIO at Heald College. Jon graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut with a BA in computer graphics. He is a member of the Software & Information Industry Association and the International Society for Technology in Education.



Knowledgable Partners

Our team has experience with regards to all of your technology needs, including strategy, technology roadmaps, venture capital financing, user experience, user interface design and much, much more.

Experienced Technology Team

Perpetuating is a multi-national strategy and development company that has a proven track record in mobile, web and custom software development.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  1. Mobile, Web and Mobile Web Development Services on all platforms, including: iOS, Android, BlackBerry HTML5
  2. Database Solutions, including: Content Management Systems, Database Architecture, and Development
  3. E-Commerce Solutions
  4. Bluetooth and Wifi Integration
  5. Server Engineering and API development and integration
  6. Quality Assurance and Testing, using our proven 24 hour testing cycle leveraging both onshore and offshore resources.

Proven Portfolio

See some of our selected case studies to the left.

  • All you need is a good idea.

    We'll give you up to $250,000 to be used towards design, development, and testing of your beta or minimum viable product.

    • You'll also get mentorship on how to create the best technology products on the market.
    • Get access to development and QA Resources with experience in every mobile platform and just about every programming language out there - at cost.
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    "I looked for over 8 months for the right partner for my mobile idea. Finally, after many discussions with people I knew in the software industry, I was referred to Perpetuating by two different contacts. I was told that Perpetuating and it's founder Sanjay Patel were doing amazing things in the mobile app space. So, I reached out to Sanjay and then met with him and his team in Boston. I was amazed at what I found. Perpetuating has a spirit and capability unlike any other company I have ever worked with. There is a freshness and "eyes wide open" ability about the place. The team shared my enthusiasm for the idea and they had the capability to enhance and then execute on our jointly developed plans. We had a working prototype within a very short time and released the first app within 6 months.

    The business we are building is based on joint ownership. When we got our idea to the point where it could attract funding, our potential investors had other ideas about how things should be done. This was a critical point that would have put the company on a "rocket ride" before it was ready. Perpetuating worked with me to figure out what was right for the company and not surprisingly, it wasn't to sell out so quickly. Together, we got through this and ended up with a stronger relationship including shared ownership and bootstrapped funding.

    One of the hallmarks of a great venture firm is their ability to treat each entrepreneur as an individual. In my case, I had a significant career in a tangential industry with a family and other obligations. This usually means a "no go" for most VCs. But not Perpetuating. I need all of the partner that Perpetuating has been both financially, technologically, and from a management standpoint. However, I have also seen them partner with firms where a dedicated CEO wanted more control. My point is that unlike most VCs, Perpetuating is able to engage with a start-up in several ways and at many levels, all related to the needs of the entrepreneur and the idea.

    Finally, Perpetuating's founder Sanjay Patel is a smart, practical, and successful businessman with a spiritual and intellectual curiosity. His heart and his head drives the culture and capability of the company, synthesizing cross-cultural themes drawn from his family and his own experience. From this fertile background come rich values that guide and shape the strategy of the company. In the years we have worked together on this business our mutual respect and partnership has deepened, bringing vitality and growth to the original ideas that formed the business. I would extend this experience to my work with Tim and Rupal as well as our development team. In many ways, Floa's corporate history is only beginning. But, it has been Perpetuating that has made this possible."

    Jonathan Stowe, CEO and Co-Founder, Floa Corporation

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    Perpetuating has a spirit and capability unlike any other company I have ever worked with.


    "Perpetuating's partnership was a major advantage in building LineJump. Sanjay and Rupal not only facilitated brainstorming sessions where we discussed design and development ideas, but also engaged with us on our marketing plan, fundraising strategy, and other critical business decisions."

    Bradd Kern, Co-Founder, Line Jump

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    Perpetuating's partnership was a major advantage in building LineJump.

  • We've been in the business for over a decade.

    We are passionate about helping early-stage startups become successful companies.

    We are looking for early stage startups in which to invest. Perpetuating Ventures is looking for individuals who are self-starters, and who have a proven track record of creativity, hard work and intelligence. Fill out our contact form and tell us a little about yourself and your idea or company.

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    Sanjay Patel Managing Director
  • You know you have a good idea.

    You just don't have the technology expertise or resources to launch it. Become another Perpetuating success story and get your company funded by Venture Capitalists.

    We’ve got knowledgeable partners, an experienced technology team and a proven portfolio.

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    • FloaCreate multi-media rich stories through the web or your mobile device.

Our Passion. Your Innovation.

Perpetuating Ventures is dedicated to helping early stage startups reach their web, mobile and electronic development goals. Whether that entails completing a beta product or creating a minimum viable product for testing, we are willing to invest up to $250,000 in 5 companies annually. We invest in hard working teams attacking unproven markets with innovative solutions that are seeking seed or early investment funding from $500,000 and above.